3D laser scanning – three-dimensional photography

To find our way around an intricate network of pipes, we make a 3D laser scan of the whole
room. The result resembles a three-dimensional photograph. Quick as lightning – with speeds of
up to 600,000 measuring points per second – and, if necessary, with an accuracy to 0.1 mm (!)
– the area is scanned.
Thanks to the 3D laser-scan method, complex forms and poorly accessible or even dangerous
spaces can be measured. The method is used to measure existing situations or to fit new
constructions into a certain space.  Examples of applications include measurements of
unroundness, wear and tear, and out-of-alignment situations.
3D laser-scanning technology is increasingly used in virtual training courses and information films.
And even in feature films!
Back to our speciality: the design of process installations and equipment. Here, the 3D scanning
method forms a powerful tool in combination with the design software Plant-4D.
In short:
Measuring, designing, and developing an installation that is a perfect fit. That’s what we do.

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